GMS Water Management: Complete Online Compliance Portfolio & eLog Book

GMS Water Management: Complete Online Compliance Portfolio and Logbook has been designed to deliver complete compliance, specifically for the Water Treatment and Hygiene Industry. It is built in line with HSE Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) guidance on water treatment and hygiene regulations to help business comply with their legal duties and responsibilities.


All documents are uploaded to your personalised portal homepage. Here you can access everything from the LRA document to monthly reports following a GMS Services visit. Full access to all relevant HSE Guidance and relevant water hygiene documents. This is the perfect place to manage every aspect of your water systems.

Time saving

With the online portal access being 24/7 there never needs to be a set time to log in, it can be done on the move, from home or the office. GMS know that your time is the most valuable to your organisation. The online portal through the bespoke dashboard can help to streamline your approach to managing your water systems.

Capture 6 (time Saving)
Capture 13 (managing non-conformities) (2)


The online portal gives you the flexibility to manage your water systems as per the requirements of your site/business. It gives you the ability to utilise the system actions to implement a bespoke plan of works.

Risk Scoring

The online systems have been carefully designed to risk score a property or system, based on the information that is held on the system. This gives you a clear picture of how the water systems within your property are performing and where your attention needs to be focused.

Capture 9 (risk Scoring) (2)
Capture 5 (customisable dashboards) (2)

Customisable Dashboards

The online portal has the ability to create a dashboard of important information. This is an area where individual or multiple site information presents itself. This can be in the form a graphs/tables/charts which can show temperature trends, current non conformity numbers, outstanding actions, the list is as long or a short as you wish to make it. This is especially useful to managing multiple properties at any one time.

Electronic reporting

Electronic reporting can be via email or direct portal access. The reports can be set up to go direct to the Duty Holder or Site Responsible person once a GMS visit is complete. This alleviates unnecessary printing and paperwork, which ultimately can take up valuable time and space

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Managing non-Conformities/LRA Recommendations

The online system harmonises the management of non-conformities and/or risk assessment recommendations. Once these are added to the system, along with the help of the risk scoring system, this will allow you and your business to prioritise the most urgent requirements to the systems.

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