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We can supply a large range of products including hand sanitiser, showerhead descaler, temperature probes, rapid legionella test kits, water treatment chemicals and constant dosing units. See the categories below for more information. Product details can be found in the documents tab of this website. Orders to be emailed to info@gmsservicesltd.co.uk or call 01257 424459 to discuss further.

GMS can provide a comprehensive range of water hygiene chemicals.

These include our Oxyl-Pro and EndoSan product range:

  • Water disinfection chemicals (stabilised hydrogen peroxide)
  • Descaling and sterilisation chemicals
  • Hand & surface sanitisers
  • Peroxide test kits & test strips

GMS can provide and apply closed loop and central heating chemicals.

These include:

  • Molybdate water treatment for heating & chilled systems
  • Pre commission cleaners
  • Desludgers
  • Non-oxidising biocides
  • Glycol (Anti-Freeze)

GMS can supply and install continuous dosing systems across a broad range of applications. This includes domestic and non-domestic system including drinking water applications.

  • Endosan Dosing Unit for Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide Dosing
  • Oxyl Pro Dosing Unit for Hydrogen Peroxide Dosing
  • Peroxide Test Kits

GMS can supply fogging equipment and provide full room cleaning if required.

  • Handheld fogging machines for manual room disinfection
  • Static room fogging machines for automatic room disinfection
  • Surface disinfection spray systems (SaniSpray)

A range of probe and test kits are available for legionella temperature monitoring tasks. Get in touch to discuss your needs or to request more information on the products we have available.


We can provide a range of point of use anti legionella filtration devices for taps and showers in high risk properties or for temporary use following a positive legionella sample result. We can also provide automatic flushing devices to assist will managing little used parts of your water systems or ensure water flow during building closures.


Rapid legionella test kits can be supplied for on site legionella testing. They can be used to sample water, internal tank surfaces, showers and many other applications. Gms can either suppy these test kits to you and provide guidance on completing the test, or we can apply the tests for you on your site. Contact us for more information as to how this product can be applied at your site.




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