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GMS Services Limited was formed by Mr. Howard Parry. Previously to this Howard was employed by CIBA-Geigy as a Water Treatment Consultant involved in all aspects of product use and development for the prevention of Scale, Corrosion and Microbiological Growth within Boiler and Cooling Water Systems. He was responsible for several product introductions throughout the UK during his time at CIBA-Geigy.

Howard became involved as a consultant with several high profile Legionella outbreaks in the 1990s and worked for specialist Legionella Management Companies during this time.

In 1997 Howard formed GMS Services Limited to specialise in the Management and Control of Legionella Bacteria within Domestic and Commercial buildings.

The objectives set out in 1997 for GMS Services Limited was to provide the most cost effective solutions to the control of the Legionella Bacteria within buildings and provide Property Managers piece of mind that their systems are fully protected and that all actions taken are auditable and in full compliance with all the Government Health and Safety Commission’s recommendations within the “HSG 274” document The control of legionella bacteria in water systems – Approved Code of Practice and Guidance and more recently BS 8580:2010 Water quality – Risk assessment Legionella control – code of practice.

Based at our Standish office on the outskirts of Wigan – Lancashire we cover primarily the North of the United Kingdom but we do have clients in Scotland, North & South Wales and the Cornish Peninsular. We have a dedicated team of Legionella Risk Assessors and Monitoring Teams along with a Mechanical Services Division who can carry out any remedial works with any water system be it up grading of the system to a full install.

In 2001 the Mechanical Services Division was established to enable GMS Services Limited to address any none conformity identified. This section of the company can provide solutions with regards to repair or replacement of all the water systems heating, cooling and temperature control equipment as well as modifications to the systems to bring them into line with the Water Regulations. We have a dedicated team of qualified Plumbers within this department who can address any aspect of our clients Plumbing or Mechanical needs.

In 2002 GMS Services Limited introduced a fully electronic system for both Legionella Risk Assessments and Water Monitoring Programs. This system provides our clients with real time access to all aspects of the Legionella Management Program on a 24 hour 7 day per week basis. This system is fully auditable and provides multi-level access to results via the internet. Clients not only have the ability to view all the results but can manage their systems none conformities, sign off completed aspects and ensure that every property under their management is being managed to the standards outlined within the Government Health and Safety Legislation.

Our client base is with both the Public and Private sectors. Listed below are some of the clients we have worked with over the years the company has been established:

  • Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Warrington Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Derby City Council
  • NPS North West
  • Blackpool Council
  • St Helens Council
  • Lancashire County Council
  • Cowan & Co

  • West Lancashire Borough Council
  • Co-Op Stores
  • NPS Stockport
  • Wigan Leisure & Cultural Trust
  • Golden Gate Housing Association
  • Wigan & Leigh Housing Association
  • Calico Housing Ltd
  • Salix Homes Ltd
  • Liverpool Community Health Trust

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